Rent-To-Own Agreements

Rent-to-own options for sheds can offer several benefits to individuals who are looking for additional storage space but may not have the immediate funds to purchase a shed outright. Here are some advantages of rent-to-own agreements for sheds: 1. Affordability: Rent-to-own allows you to spread the cost of the shed over a period of time, making it more financially manageable. Instead of paying the full purchase price … [Read more...] about Rent-To-Own Agreements

Hometown Sheds in YOUR Hometown

At Hometown Sheds we’re known for our quality sheds, buildings, carports and garages. We also take pride in the fact that we’re locally owned and operated, our sheds are built at our own plant, and all of our sales professionals are locals that live right in your own community. As part of your town, we take every measure to give back and stay involved with our wonderful customers who support us. Giving … [Read more...] about Hometown Sheds in YOUR Hometown

Our Burlington Inventory Is Now Online!

You’ve asked and we’ve now made it easier than ever to find your perfect shed or building at Hometown Sheds Burlington. We’re excited to announce that we have now added our real time inventory to our website. You can now shop our inventory right on the website. Browse our selection, see the images and features for each shed and even see delivery options by zip code. Then you can choose to pay online, finance your building … [Read more...] about Our Burlington Inventory Is Now Online!

When Renting Just Doesn’t Make Sense

You’ve likely heard over the past few years how the cost of rent has increased – homes, cars, apartments and yes, self storage. Self storage may seem like the obvious choice when you need somewhere to store all your belongings, but when you look at the numbers you may be surprised. At first glance self storage seems affordable due to introductory rates and low monthly fees. However, as shown below, one customer in North … [Read more...] about When Renting Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Order Now To Store It All

Christmas is such a fun time of year. The lights, decorations, wreaths, yard décor…the list goes on and on. But all of those tubs and boxes that you’ve been dragging out of the attic the last few weeks will need to go somewhere when the season is over. Don’t pile them in the corner again when January rolls around. Make plans NOW to get organized and be ready for the new year. Post Holiday Storage. Whether you’re packing … [Read more...] about Order Now To Store It All

Limited Time Steel Discount

Just in time for the holidays, we are excited to announce a huge discount available on our steel buildings and structures. We want to help you wrap up that perfect holiday gift and through November 30th you can save big on our steel structures. Reduced Surcharges. In recent years, as the cost of supplies has increased, additional surcharges have been added to many items in the building industry to cover these costs, … [Read more...] about Limited Time Steel Discount

Your Chance To Win A $500 Hometown Sheds Credit

It’s November and that means the month of giving thanks. We want to thank YOU our customers for supporting Hometown Sheds for over 10 years. That’s why we are offering you a chance to win a $500 credit towards the purchase of a new shed. We want to help you, your family and friends replace their old, broken and ugly sheds. A new shed would make a perfect man cave, she shed craft area or an amazing holiday gift. We have tons … [Read more...] about Your Chance To Win A $500 Hometown Sheds Credit

Wrap Up Holiday Gift Giving With Hometown Sheds

The holidays are right around the corner and you may have even seen the first Christmas commercial on TV. Before you hit the stores on black Friday, get something everyone really wants this year from Hometown Sheds. The Gift Of Play. Skip the latest gadget that they kids will stop playing with in a few short weeks and provide them with YEARS of outdoor fun, entertainment and fresh air. Our playsets by Adventure World … [Read more...] about Wrap Up Holiday Gift Giving With Hometown Sheds

Don’t Waste Your Money on Renting Storage!

Here’s a story for you. One of our customers came to us after having been quoted a monthly fee of over $1000 to at a local RV storage facility. That’s $12,000 a year, year in and year out, with the money going into someone else’s pocket. He knew that there was a better way – the Hometown Shed way! We were happy to show him a RV cover that he could own, for a monthly payment of a lot less than $1000! He ended up with a large … [Read more...] about Don’t Waste Your Money on Renting Storage!

We’ve Got You Covered This Summer

Sunscreen, blazing hot weather and excited kids mean one thing – summer is on the way. Hometown Sheds is a familiar name for your backyard shed or storage building, but we also work with churches, summer camps, schools and businesses to get them ready for the new season. Cover Your Bases. Whether you need outdoor coverage for your school, summer camp, youth group, church or just an outdoor area for you company gatherings, … [Read more...] about We’ve Got You Covered This Summer